Dimavery ST-203 Strat electric guitar white

6.990,00 ден

Comfortable and easy to play. The  standard electric guitars are the perfect platform to inspire any beginner guitarist, whilst the Select satisfies the needs of the professional player, offering upgraded tonewoods, finishes, and pickup configurations.

Crafted for the player

Designed with the player in mind, guitars prioritise minimal weight and excellent ergonomics. As such, the body of the instrument is crafted from lightweight paulownia, allowing you to play for hours without strain, and ensuring you always feel your best during practice sessions.

The classic double cutaway design and contoured body shape offer easy access to the entire fretboard, and the body’s in-built strap buttons make it easy to attach the included strap, enabling you to jam in whatever position feels most comfortable for you.

High-quality materials

The guitar’s neck is crafted from maple, widely used due to its hard wearing and humidity resistant nature. Layered on top of the neck, the guitar’s fretboard is made from thermally treated poplar laminate, an environmentally friendly option made using laminations of wood which are bonded together in resin, making the neck more stable. The stability of poplar laminate helps with tuning – particularly in situations with quick changes in temperature or humidity.

Reliable hardware

The hardware is equally as impressive. The six-screw vintage-style bridge system offers an extra edge to your sound, allowing you to dive bomb, flutter or add subtle pitch variations as you play. At the headstock, the six die cast tuners and two string-trees make sure that you can focus on playing, confident that your instrument is in tune.

Versatile pickups and controls

Each  guitar comes equipped with three punchy ‘single coil’ pickups and a five-way selector switch – a setup well known for its use by players such as Nile Rodgers, John Frusciante, Jimi Hendrix and many many more… The five-way switch allows you to select different combinations of the three pickups as follows:

  1. Bridge Pickup Only
  2. Middle and Bridge Pickups
  3. Middle Pickup Only
  4. Neck and Middle Pickups
  5. Neck Pickup Only

Explainer: pickups are the magnets which take the vibrations of a guitar string and transfer the signal to an amplifier – learn more in the attached guitar guide!

These five different options give access to a plethora of iconic tones. For example, the 4th position is often associated with a funky, super clean sound due to it’s particularly smooth and twangy timbre. On the other hand, the 1st position is closely associated with soaring guitar solos and rock rhythm parts, due to the way it cuts through clearly in a full-band setting.

The three awesome pickups are also controlled via intuitive volume and tone dials, making it easier than ever to get your ideal sound – the tone knob allows you to quickly brighten/dampen your tone, and the volume knob gives you instant access to adjusting your level.

Dimavery ST-203 electric guitar

A great guitar for beginners and advanced players. Great work quality and playability. When ordering, choose the color you want from the drawer.


  • Color:
  • ST style
  • Construction: bolt-on neck
  • Body: basswood
  • Neck: maple
  • Fingerboard: rosewood, 22 frets
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Pick-up: 3 x single coil
  • Bridge: “S” style tremolo chrome
  • PU selector: 5-way switch
  • Controls: 1 x volume, 2 x tone
  • Hardware: chrome


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