Ion PRO-80 грамофон

10.900,00 ден

The Sound of Vinyl
Today’s music has been digitized, compressed, truncated and band-limited, all in the relentless pursuit to fit more tunes into whatever available memory space there is on your portable device. With ION Audio’s PRO80 Automatic, immerse yourself in the rich, warm vinyl experience from the album art and liner notes to the natural crackle of the needle hitting the record. PRO80 Automatic has all the important features and outstanding performance that you demand from a great turntable, such as premium audio quality, a quiet belt-drive system, a fully automatic start / stop operation and an integrated dust cover. Whether you’re experiencing vinyl for the first time or rediscovering your old record collection, PRO80 Automatic fuses core turntable functionality into a style-driven, slim line package.

Fully Automatic
Take the hassle out of playing your beloved vinyl collection! With PRO80 Automatic’s fully automatic start / stop operation you don’t have to worry about putting the needle on the record by hand – Simply place your record on the platter and push start to kick-back and enjoy your music.

With PRO80 Automatic, everything you need to enjoy your music collection is thoughtfully included. Thanks to a built in high quality line-level coaxial audio output, there’s no need for a separate photo pre-amp, simply connect PRO80 Automatic to your speakers with the included stereo RCA cable and you’re set – It’s that simple!

Play Your Entire Collection!
Whatever records you have in your beloved vinyl collection, PRO80 Automatic has you covered. Thanks to a two-speed system for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, plus a 45 RPM adapter, playback of any compatible record in your collection couldn’t be any simpler.



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