Lenco L-3810WH

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Lenco L-3810 turntable creates a wonderful atmosphere in your living room. It’s not just a turntable. It allows you to listen to music through external (amplified) speakers thanks to its built-in preamplifier. Alternatively, you can simply connect it to your existing stereo set. This model has a direct drive which causes it to be more powerful and run at a constant speed. What also makes this turntable ideal, is that you can convert your music into digital files using USB. This allows you to listen to the music from your record collection on your digital devices! How cool is that?

Convert your record collection to mp3

This turntable allows you to transfer the music from your record to mp3 via USB. Nostalgia and modernity go hand in hand, enabling you to listen to your entire record collection digitally.

Built-in stereo preamplifier

Do you enjoy listening to your music loudly? That’s perfect, because this turntable comes with a built-in stereo preamplifier. This means you won’t have to purchase a separate preamplifier and you can connect the turntable directly to your stereo set. NOTE: you will need external speakers to produce sound.

Removable plastic dust cover

You obviously want your record player to last a long time. To ensure that the player doesn’t get covered in dust, the Lenco L-3810 has a removable plastic dust cover. This keeps the turntable looking like new.

Mechanical arm lift

This turntable comes with a mechanical arm lift. The mechanical part ensures that the turntable’s arm makes a soft, smooth movement when descending onto the gramophone record.



Product specifications:

  • Turntable with direct drive and USB recording
  • Recording of music via PC
  • Built-in stereo preamplifier
  • 2 speeds: 33 RPM & 45 RPM
  • Moving magnetic cartridge (MMC)
  • Mechanical arm lift
  • Direct drive
  • Removable plastic dust cover
  • Connections: USB-PC and RCA line output

What’s in the box?