3.990,00 ден

  • – Beneath the PVC jacket, braided foil shield, ferrite jacket and foamed polyethylene dielectric are two solid, electrically isolated and oxygen-free copper conductors of different diameters. Using two wholly separate conductors (one copper, one silver-plated) to carry the audio signal provides the most complete, least compromised route for audio information to travel. The resulting sound enjoys greater scale and three-dimensionality than has been previously achievable from an interconnect of this price, and helps QED maintain both its reputation as an innovator and a class-leader.
  • – The ‘Anamate’ arrangement of the plugs, in which the high purity copper conductors are gold-plated, gives Performance Audio 40i both the low-contact resistance needed to produce thrilling sonic results and also far greater longevity than unplated copper alone. By using high purity copper conductors for the pin section and small contact areas for the return ring, the resistance in the signal path is lowered. It also prevents eddy currents forming in the plug body, which in turn improves signal transmission.
  • – The ferrite insulation delivers measurable improvements to both the amount of high-frequency signal noise rejected by the cable and the amount of relevant signal information lost. The improved accuracy of high-frequency impulse transmission impacts positively on timing, and on dynamics both broad and low-level.
  • – Performance 40i has numerous technological highlights, and we’re convinced it represents amazing value for money. The easiest way for you to understand what we mean is to hear it in action for yourself – we’re confident you’ll prefer it to any alternative cable at anything like the price.
  • – Conductor type: Solid Complementary
  • – Metallurgy: 99.999% OFC & SPOFC
  • – Conductor size: 1 x 0.643 mm & 1 x 0.404 mm
  • – Combined conductor cross-section: 0.45 mm²
  • – Dielectric: Foamed Polyethylene
  • – Capacitance: 57 pF/m
  • – Self-inductance: 0.45 μH/m
  • – Loop resistance: 0.050 Ω/m
  • – Dissipation factor @ 10kHz: 0.00250
  • – Outer jacket: Black Pearl PVC
  • – Nominal outside diameter: 8.0 mm


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