Cascha HH 2218 blues harmonica in F, incl. case and cleaning cloth

690,00 ден

These top-end harmonicas will please both learners and advanced players alike with the balanced sound from their high-quality phosphor bronze reedplates. Take these harmonicas through your musical journey.
Harmonica offers power alongside a modular system. Its stylish  cover plates will make you stand out, and no side vents ensure your sound is directed to the audience or microphone. The  comb won’t swell or crack in different humidities.

The Harmonica, also known as a harp or mouth organ is a wind instrument primarily used in genres such as blues, country and rock and roll. It is a versatile instrument, and can be played in many different styles. It has been made famous in Folk by Bob Dylan, Blues by ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson, and even in Pop by Stevie Wonder. With such a list of alumni, the harmonica is an instrument of rich heritage with a great many musical uses.


  • Key: F