Hayman DDM-30 Digital Drum Monitor with Bluetooth

9.990,00 ден

DDM-30 Drum / Keyboard Amp  features an angled cabinet, 10″ woofer and 3″ tweeter, making it great for both practice and live applications. This Keyboard and Drum Amp has a warm and balanced sound ideal for use as an electronic drum amplifier, a keyboard amp or a monitor. From beginner electronic drummers looking to upgrade from their headphones; to pianists wanting to turn up the volume, is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The DDM-30 has a warm balanced sound, generated from the 10″ woofer and 3″ tweeter, without colouring the sound. This is a full range amplifier, effective when used with electronic drum kits that need the extra high and low frequencies, as well as an excellent choice for synths, stage pianos and even acoustic guitars.


Total Control Over Tone and Effects

The great quality  band EQ allows you to tailor your sound, meaning you can adapt the treble and bass to affect the volume and tone of the amplifier to suit your style. As well as this, the DDM-30 also features a send and return, which means you can externally manipulate effects, giving you total control of your sound through the amplifier.

Reliable & Well Built

The DDM-30 features an angled cabinet, with a high-quality grille and durable casing to save it from any knocks during transportation; great for taking to and from gigs


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