Hayman HTD1213-BR steel tongue drum 12″ in C minor

5.900,00 ден

  • Meditative sound similar to a handpan
  • Mysterious and thoughtful sound characteristics for a captivating experience
  • Anti-slip feet provide stability during play
  • Comes with a decorative linen/nylon cord and a nylon bag for easy transport

The  Sonic Energy 12″ Medium Octave Steel Tongue Drum in C Major is a top-quality musical instrument made from durable stainless steel. With  harmoniously tuned notes spanning several octaves, this drum produces a mesmerising and meditative sound reminiscent of a handpan. Its compact design includes a sound hole that can be sealed with a silicone plug, allowing for even more versatility in creating unique sounds.

Featuring three silicone feet, this drum is designed to stay in place during play, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted performance. The Medium Octave Steel Tongue Drum can be played using your fingers or the included wooden mallets with soft-wrapped rubber heads. Its portable nature allows you to play it on any flat surface or even on your lap, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced musicians.

Included with the drum is a high-quality carrying bag , making it easy to transport and protect your instrument wherever you go. With its ethereal tone and mysterious sound characteristics, the Sonic Energy 12″ Medium Octave Steel Tongue Drum offers a unique and thoughtful musical experience. Its decorative linen/nylon cord adds a touch of elegance, while the coated stainless steel construction ensures durability for years of enjoyment.


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