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sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter X Overview

Get the best sound possible. The sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter X helps to improve the performance of studio-grade microphones.The premium-grade construction helps to dead diffraction and any unwanted noise from the background while recording. The RF-X is ideal for both home recording project and vocal booth applications. The robust design features an efficient clamp for quick and easy mounting.

The RF-X Reflexion Filter utilises a multi-layer design to filter frequencies evenly across the entire spectrum. This ensures minimal colouration when it comes to recording. The lightweight design can be mounted to most microphone stands for optimal flexibility.

Multi-layer acoustic filter for optimised performance

The sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter X is a high-end acoustic reflection filter designed to eliminate background noise and refine your vocal recordings. The multi-layered design helps to minimise any sound colouration when recording, as well as providing cover for the back of the microphone, ensuring now sound from the back is recorded.

The RF-X is lighter than other sE Electronics filters, while still maintaining its robust durability. The filter itself is comprised of a four-layer acoustic designed, with an outer vented composite panel. The multi-layer design includes a wool fabric layer, an air gap layer and an inner acoustic foam layer with the outer panel for added filtration.

Robust, lightweight construction

The multi-layer design helps with the acoustic performance of your vocal recordings, filtering frequencies evenly for a pure and clear sound. The RF-X Reflexion Filter X uses the same technology as the Reflexion Filter Pro, incorporated in a lightweight and affordable unit. The vented body and redesigned clamp makes for quick and easy installation and setup. It’s versatile design will fit on most microphone stands, making it ideal as a portable vocal booth.


“The RF-X does a great job of dampening room noise for vocalists, giving you a dry vocal sound to which you can add effects in the mix…we found it worked really well, getting the same result as far more expensive options.” – MusicTech Magazine

What’s Included

  • Reflexion Filter X
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mic stand thread adapter


  • Multi-layer acoustic filter
  • Eliminated unwanted background noise and improves audio performance
  • Ideal for home recording and studios
  • Minimises any sound colouration for optimal signal integrity
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Redesigned clamp assembly
  • Vertically mounted, ideal for vocal recording


  • Filter Material: Metal
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Product Code: RF-X