Hayman CDD-1000 compact digital drum kit

17.900,00 ден

Electronic Drum Pad Kit is a compact, versatile instrument for the developing musician. Features 240 drum voices that cover a variety of styles . The onboard aux line input allows you to play along to your own music directly . The compact size and lightweight make it ideal for taking on the road and to band rehearsals. The touch-sensitive pads are suitable for use with both sticks and your hands, making the pads ideal for drum and percussion players alike. The  black finish is a smart look that will look great in any application.


The pad design on the DD-75 makes it instantly comfortable to play. The eight pads are positioned around the surface to offer a similar set up to a standard kit. The different sizes make it easy to distinguish between different sections of the kit, with the largest pads dedicated to your most important drums. The pad surfaces are responsive to both hand percussion and beaters, making them usable with all drumming techniques. The pads have a durable rubber layer along their surface, so you can confidently perform without worrying about sensitivity.


The  range of sounds make it ideal for both live and casual drummers. The  voices span a range of genres and can be easily assigned through the interface. The acoustic samples feature a similar sound to real kits, making it ideal for gigging musicians wanting a more portable instrument. The MIDI in and out connections can be easily hooked up to recording and PA systems for instant use. The touch sensitivity offers varied tone depending on your velocity for a varied sound with improved response.


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