Medeli DD315 Digital Drums

13.990,00 ден

DD-315 Portable Electronic Drum Pads

A full drum kit, just smaller. The DD-315 gives you the full drum kit experience in a portable size. Its seven touch-sensitive drum pads respond to your playing, while the two pedals give you full control over the kick and hi-hat. With 265+128gm different percussion sounds, you’ll also have plenty of inspiration to get more from your drumming. Great for playing at home or in small practise spaces.

Versatile Drum Kit

The DD-315 has all the elements of a traditional drum kit. The seven drum pads correspond to cymbals, snare and toms, while the foot pedals give you full control over the kick and hi-hat. Using touch-sensitive technology, the drum pads will respond to how hard you hit them – this gives you the ability to play quietly or loudly, so you can start to develop your own style. All you need to simulate a real drum kit, without the difficulty of setting one up.

Mix and Match 265 Drum Sounds

Combine your favourite sounds across the nine drumming surfaces, then save your perfect instrument to one of the user presets. The DD-315 by MEDELI features 265 different percussion sounds – including snare drums, toms, congas and electronic sounds – plus preset drum kits.

Use the included drumsticks or play with your hands. Simply hit the Hand Percussion button and the DD-315 becomes a ready-made set of great-sounding hand drums.

Great for Home Practise

Small and compact. An ideal practise aid between drum lessons. Develop perfect timing with the in-built metronome, which has two different voices. Have fun and jam to the 100 backing tracks, covering genres from rock to bossa nova.

Play using the built-in speakers or connect a pair of headphones – then play silently whenever you like, without waking the neighbours. You can even connect the drum pads to modern music software programs, and control their MIDI sounds via the DD-315’s USB connection.

Easy to Transport and Set Up

The DD-315 weighs a fraction of traditional drum kits and percussion racks. Easily set up in small spaces or take it to a friend’s house for a jam session. Powered by a DC12V adaptor, setting up is as simple as plugging it into a socket.

Play Straight Away

The DD-315 comes with a complimentary pair of drum sticks so you can start playing instantly. Optional packs are available for purchase. For quiet practice, the DD-315 can be purchased with a pair of headphones, or a complete set up check out the pack with X frame stand and headphones.

Box Contents

  • DD-315 Portable Electronic Drum Pads
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Pair of Drum Sticks
  • Kick Pedal
  • Hi Hat Pedal