Medeli DD600 Digital Drums

29.990,00 ден

Medeli DD600 is an stepup-level electronic drum set that can be comfortably used at home for learning, practicing, rehearsing and playing for fun. The set consists of a sound module, snare pads and 3 toms, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals, as well as 2 trigger pedals for the kick drum and hi-hat. Crash and ride cymbals are equipped with a manual mute function.

The sound module has a polyphony of 64 voices and contains 226 tones of various drums and percussion instruments. There are 20 full-fledged drum kits and 60 compositions for practice, as well as 5 user kits. A metronome with a tempo range from 30 to 280 beats per minute will help you learn to play exactly in time, and you can use the built-in MIDI recorder to record your own performance.

To connect the fourth volume and the second crash there are 2 inputs on 1/4” Jack TRS connectors. To output an audio signal, a stereo output is provided on 1/4” Jack TS connectors. There is an LCD display to display the values, and control is carried out using backlit buttons and an encoder in the center of the front panel.

Features of Medeli DD600 electronic drums

  • Entry to stepup-level electronic drum kit
  • Set of sound module, 4 pads (snare and toms), 3 cymbals (hi-hat, crash and ride), and 2 trigger pedals (kick, hi-hat)
  • Crash and ride cymbals with hand muting function
  • Polyphony 64 voices
  • 226 sounds, 20 drum kits, 60 built-in songs
  • Metronome, MIDI recorder
  • 2 inputs for additional triggers
  • Stereo output


Characteristics of Medeli DD600 electronic drums


Total information
Type electronic drum kit
Voices 226
Drum kits 20 built-in, 5 user
Compositions 60 built-in, 1 user
Polyphony 64 votes
Metronome yes, 30 – 280 beats per minute
Recorder yes, MIDI format
Inputs 1 x 1/4” Jack TRS trigger in (crash 2, tom 4)
Exits 2 x 1/4” Jack TS main out
Installation configuration
Bass drum 1 (trigger pedal)
Snare drum 1
Then we 3
Hi-hat 1 + trigger pedal
Ride 1 (mutable)
Crash 1 (mutable)
Display yes, LCD
Dimensions 1130 x 955 x 530 mm
Weight 18.7 kg